iOS 12

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Launching this fall, iOS 12 (which can be installed on any phone that can run iOS 11) will improve performance on all phones. Unlike previous versions, Apple says older phones may benefit from this phone more than newer phones: according to Gizmodo, apps launched 40 percent faster, the keyboard loads 50 percent faster, and swiping from the home screen to your camera app happens 70 percent faster. (For more information, 9to5Mac put together a great speed test guide.)

Also coming to iOS 12 is a new AR app called Measure, which uses ARKit to measure objects. It’s not the first AR measurement app available on iOS, but it’s Apple’s first.

Siri’s also becoming more useful (which has been a long time coming) with ‘Shortcuts.’ You can create custom quick actions so Siri can help you do the things you do every day. Siri will also learn your routines and offer location-based suggestions (like knowing to put on Do Not Disturb when you’re at the movie theater). You can also say, for example, “Hey Siri, I lost my keys,” and it’ll work with the Tile app to help you find them.