360 Alley is a leader of Augmented Reality and VR for individuals and industries like Children’s Literature, Education, Business, Retail, and more. In this video, Marty and Dan take a look at how to bring your walls to life through Augmented Reality with 360 Alley. Check it out:

*below is a transcription of the video.

AR Can Tell a Story or Demo a Product through Pictures

We’ve had a number of customers that are either in an office space where they want to educate somebody or an attraction center (like an amusement park, museum, or escape room).

It could be any place you’ve got maybe a picture on the wall where you can hold your phone over that picture and have that picture come to life and either tell you a story or do a demo, whatever you need.

A 360 Alley Product Using AR to Bring Photos to Life

In the video, we have a fun one to show you that’s real interesting. We’ve got it in a kids space, where there’s a number of dinosaurs and different exhibits and things they can look at. And each has a dinosaur in a frame that can be placed on the wall or tables in the exhibit.

This was used in a children’s area at an attraction in a museum actually and we had a bunch of pictures on the wall. Children could then go through those with the application and they could bring each picture to life.

When you hover your phone or tablet over the photo, you now have these videos that show the movement behind the photo, making it an interactive experience for children. And if you notice the video is right inside that picture and that is really cool. So that picture just comes to life.

Where Can This Be Used?

It could really be used for anything – it could be a board room and you want videos from different board members and they could have their video clips. So, anything you put in a picture frame, we could just make that picture frame come to life with augmented reality.

There is an infinite amount of applications; educational, attractions, museums, even corporate situations. It’s been very well received and we’re having a lot of fun with it.

Leverage Your Current Assets with 360 Alley AR

Do you ever wonder what the practical uses of augmented reality really are? We at 360 Alley believe you should leverage the assets you already have. Do you have some corporate videos? You could put different things on the wall you could actually take those images on mailers and postcards that you send to prospects & clients.

All in all, we think it’s really cool. All you have to do is download the app that makes it come alive. On the back-end, we really accomplish this with the picture frames.

Some people ask if we can work with artwork that has already been done or created. Maybe a painted wall or mural that’s been around for years – the answer is yes, we can. 360 Alley can recognize any image or any artwork that you have and we can launch a replacement video or other images you want to add to it.

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