360 Alley is a leader of Augmented Reality Applications. We create apps that bring experiences to the forefront of products and services. In our video series, Dan and Marty talk about the latest tech, products, and some of our coolest projects. This video is all about children’s books, watch or read below:

*below is a transcription of the video.

Children’s Books are Brought to Life by Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (or AR) is different from VR (or Virtual Reality). While virtual reality creates something entirely new, augmented reality takes what’s real and digitally enhances it to bring new excitement to the experience. 360 Alley has come up with a way to mix this children’s books. In the video above, Marty shows us how they accomplished this.

The Biggest Benefit is Engagement

We all know that our current digital world is full of distractions. The kids are on their phone while watching TV and so forth. We are finding the true benefit to AR in children’s literature is engagement. In this example, this particular customer had a book that was already out. We were able to create a 2D animation and then create an AR (Augmented Reality) experience to go with that.

Children Experience a Story with Many Senses

Traditionally, we’re hearing from moms, dads and grandmas that the child will curl up on their lap and use this book and this app and they’ll create an experience. The excitement it brings to a child to hear music or see moving pictures that match the book and story they are reading is indescribable. This is also an added benefit as it brings many senses into play as the child is read a story, improving cognitive skills.

How it Works

It’s very simple to do if you are the parent or caretaker of a child. Just hold your phone over the book and it launches our application so they can sing along and see it brought to life. We’re finding that it’s just a great way to spend time with your children that are learning to read.

A Wide Variety: Children’s Books with an Augmented Reality Experience

We have all sorts of books with this type of experience. We’ve got over 30 different fun books for children. We are essentialy taking a children’s book or story and making it a fully engaging, 2-Dimensional experience.

And the kids love music. One of the greatest things we heard is from a parent that called us and said they came home from work in their kid came running to them so fast with one of the books. They just couldn’t wait to read it, sing along, and have a fun time.

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