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Martin Tarr CEO

Martin Tarr – CEO

Martin is a seasoned IT veteran, having built a tech company across North America and Europe and successfully selling to EMC/Dell Technologies. His current passion is building a firm that provides world class customer experiences through Augmented Reality.

Karen Hilderbrand – Advisor

Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand has been a children’s author and record producer along with her twin sister Kim Mitzo Thompson for over 28 years. Known as the Twin Sisters, the duo have written thousands of products for children including over 3,000 songs, 500 digital albums, 160 ebooks, 500 teacher resources, 15 apps, and hundreds of books and more! Thousands of their products can be found on Amazon and are published by various publishers worldwide for distribution.

Bob Sopko – Advisor

Bob directs Case Western Reserve University’s LaunchNet, a program powered by Burton D Morgan Foundation and designed to help students and alumni launch their own startup ventures. Bob’s often found at the university’s ThinkBox, a 50,000 square foot “maker space” that’s open to everyone. Bob is also the entrepreneur in residence for the Youngstown Business Incubator and a tireless advocate for Northeast Ohio business founders and startups, he is a key part of the drive to make entrepreneurship an ingrained part of the region’s culture.

Robert Lauer – 3D Artist and Game Developer

Cleveland Institute of Art – Bachelor in Fine Arts in Game Design. I have a focus in Game Design and Game Development with experience in creating web and mobile games. I have led small teams consisting of 2 to 20. My artistic focus is in 3D character, sprite art, and texture art.

Dilnur Yuldashev – Unity 3D Developer

The University of Texas at Austin – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am a Unity 3D developer with a background in Object-Oriented Programming. I have successfully built and launched numerous Unity 3D mobile apps and games on the App Store and Google Play

Sam Klug – 3D Modeling and Animation Artist

Cleveland Institute of Art- Bachelor in Fine Arts- Animation. I specialize in character design, 3D modeling and animation, and illustration, usually with an emphasis on comedy and playful design. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and have been involved in the creation of several animated short films. Trained in Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Matt Opsitnick – AR Developer 

Miami University – Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering 2019. I like to believe that if it can be done and I have enough time, I can accomplish it. I am an Eagle Scout and an International Baccalaureate Diplomat. I am currently building AR products for retail, museums, and wine dispensaries along with websites for use as portals to purchase AR products. It is my dream to help create things that people can enjoy.

Steven Rawley – Character Animator

Cleveland Institute of Art – Bachelor in Fine Arts. I am a dream maker. With my skills in Character Animation, I will make performances happen on screen that will make my viewers feel full of emotion the same way I do when I watch animated movies. I work frequently in Autodesk Maya, but I am also experienced in many of the Adobe products; l ike Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premier Pro, and After Effects. I love to help others, and I am always willing to learn new things on the job.