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360 Alley brings experiences to your product or service.

Don’t miss out  – Augmented Reality will be a $100B market by 2021.

Your competition is moving fast, we move faster. Call 360 Alley.


WOW Books let children read, interact with live video, and sing while they learn about important topics. Children will learn fun facts on each of the subjects while they experience the subject through video. Great interactive childrens book.

Smart glasses, smart choices. See through it, or see better with it. Rapid innovation is set to change consumer and business eyewear in the months and years ahead. Smart glasses will play a central role in truly next-generation eyewear.

Just download the app to your mobile device, launch the app, and then hold the device on the book’s cover for just a moment. An animated music video based on a classic kid’s song will automatically play! Each book launches a fun and unique video.

Interactive Matt provides Augmented Reality educational products for children ages 3-8. Get your child ready for Kindergarten! Learn to read, color and play word games.

The merging of real and virtual worlds produces new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Imagine manipulating virtual objects and interacting with them as if you are with them in the same place.

Microsoft HoloLens is the company’s holographic, augmented reality headset that promises a never before like holographic experience to its users.


I love 360alley !!


I worked with 360 Alley to develop 8 different children’s sing-along books. They are outstanding!


What a pleasure. Quick, accurate, low-cost – I recommend them to everyone.

Mary Jane


Cleveland, OH, USA